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ogilvy hires uk creative legend to head china.

In another example of the growing importance of advertising in Asia, and the larger global power-shift to the East, Campaign today reported that Graham Fink has been appointed by Ogilvy China as their new Chief Creative Officer.

Graham is something of a legend in his own lifetime in the ad business, becoming the youngest ever president of D&AD in 1996, as well as being voted into D&AD's "Art Direction Book" which featured the top 28 art directors of all time.

He's also been described as an "intolerable, self important pompous twat" by blogger David McNulty, but we hope for Graham's sake that isn't the case, as it certainly won't help to ingratiate himself with the Asian creative teams now under his wing, if it's true.

We're sure some of the more cynical Asian creatives will see Graham's appointment as just another example of aging "Western" creatives having a last hurrah in Asia before becoming completely irrelevant. But being on the wrong side of 40 ourselves and still surviving in the business, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome Graham Fink to our side of the planet, and wish him all the best in bringing his own unique brand of advertising to the world's biggest consumer market.

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