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The Naïve Network is an Independent Creative Network specialising in marketing to Asia.

With a diverse range of talent, experience and skills we create communication ideas, experiences, and digital content to help clients who are marketing in Asia and advertising in Asia.

Our creative team helps clients communicate their Asian marketing stories across various media platforms, helping to grow brands and improve value.

Utilising creative marketing techniques we take a totally integrated, media-neutral approach to help clients reach their target audience with the right message.

And offer an experienced team of Asian-based experts to help clients solve their Asia marketing problems.

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Naïve nears completion of third instalment of Pond’s Flawless White love story

The Naïve Network is in the final post-production stages of their latest campaign for Pond's Flawless White.

Working once again with Phenomena Films legendary director, Satit Kalawantavanich, the filming took place in various derelict locations in and around Bangkok.

The campaign, which rolls out in December will run in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, China, India, Latin America and Africa, which means up to a billion women may get to see it! We just hope they like it.

Stay tuned for the first episode of what we hope will be another hugely successful campaign for Pond's.

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