Enter the Dragon!
Monday, February 6, 2012 at 4:56PM
naive editor

Here at Naïve we enter the year of the Black Water Dragon with great optimism.

The Golden Rabbit of 2011 was a good one for us, with new clients and varied projects around Asia and beyond.

Our affair with beauty continued with Pond's skin and Dove hair assignments for China and Singapore, and a major new brand launch in Russia; a first for the network in Europe.

We were asked to be part of a regional team that pitched for a global car brand, and worked with Pernod-Ricard to radically improve the branding and visibility of its 100 Pipers whisky brand in Thailand.

Along the way we pitched for a mobile phone business, and worked with a number of SMEs to help build their brands in Asia, as well as helping one Asian-based SME to break into the US market.

All Dragon years are traditionally associated with new beginnings, happiness and good fortune, and 2012 is no exception.

We thank all of our clients for their support during 2011 and hope that the Water Dragon brings you new beginnings, happiness and good fortune.

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