The end of the end of interruption is nigh?
Friday, May 23, 2014 at 5:51PM
naive editor

Remember the ad gurus of a few years' ago who told us that interruption advertising was dead, and the future was about permission based marketing, conversations and engagement? 

These are typical quotes from the time. 

“The common opinion is that the age of interruption marketing is coming to an end.”

“People are not passive consumers of marketing messages any more.”

“In today’s world people buy advertising, not the other way round.”

Well the launch of the YouTube Thai channel this week was a reminder – not that we needed one – of how wrong they were.

While the corporate spin was all about encouraging and helping local talent, the launch was also aimed at the big advertisers, who can now swap those annoying little banners at the bottom for full screen ads, and force you to watch before your video begins. 

Yes there is a skip button, so you only have to endure the first 5 secs. For now. How long before YouTube introduces a 'premium' service for advertises that sees the skip button disappear?

Of course being interrupted by (mostly) intrusive, inane, crap advertising annoys us all, but who cares as long as there's a slim chance you might not hit the skip button after the obligatory 5 seconds of mandatory viewing.

Interruption is here to stay.

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