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Old TV Ads

Some of these ads are vintage enough to be hip.

Nippon Paints the World

This ad was aired in countries all over Asia, and was designed to communicate the quality and beauty of Nippon Paint without relying on the use of language.


Unicef statistics showed more & more mothers in South East Asia were rejecting breast-feeding in favor of powdered bottle-feed. This was one of three commercials designed to persuade these mothers that bottle feeding could be detrimental to a baby's growth, both physical and mental.


A television commercial for OCBC bank created for Batey Red Cell Singapore. In a market saturated with wealth management products, OCBC positioned itself as the bank that can give you answers to your financial questions.


This television commercial was part of a corporate campaign in Thailand for the mobile phone company Ericsson. The idea was to position the brand as a technological leader by using various sports scenarios to illustrate leadership in tough market conditions.

Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces (1999)

Facing new competition from many of the world's biggest hotel brands, The Taj Group wanted to develop a brand campaign to let a new generation of travelers in, and to India, know that they are truly a class act in the hospitality biz.